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Dab Rigs (49)

Whether you are a long time or hardcore stoner or even a newbie for smoking,  the words “dabs” or “dab rig” are a whole other language that you will always see or hear. Only the biggest potheads would be familiar with a “dab rig”, also known as an oil rig, or concentrate rig.

as we know that Dab rigs look similar to a glass bong, but are specialized for “dabbing”, which is smoking cannabis in a concentrated form (oil, shatter, wax). The bong is the classic smoking device that has been used by stoners for decades, while the dab rig is the wave of the future. 

To keep it very clear what really sets these two glass pipes apart, here is an outline of the main differences between a bong and a dab rig. www.Nova.Glass offer series dab rig for you choose. Just choose your love one and take it here.
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