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Ice Bongs (20)

if we want to know the difference between Ice Bong and Regular Bong, please see it as below:

In fact, it is very simple to understand, regular bongs and ice bongs is very similar with each other. In ice bongs you will find bulges in the tube body, and for regular bong, there are no bulges in his tube. These bulges are known as the ice catchers to prevent  the ice cubes do not fall into the main chamber of the bong and make it good for use.
Ice cube in the regular bong stop the airway, smoke in ice bulges bong is much more chilled and filtered as compare to the regular one. If there is ice in the tube of your bong then the smoke will take long time cool off.
Colder smoke allows you to take smoother hits and more importantly bigger hits. The bigger the hit, the more stoned you will. That too without troubling your throat, perhaps to choose a ice bong from Nova Glass  is a good choice for everyone.