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Nectar Collectors (4)

In the current Market, Nectar collectors and honey collectors are becoming more and more fashion choice for consuming dabs and provides maximum portability and convenience.

Comparing to user everyday dab rigs, which you have to pair it with a quartz banger or titanium dab nail, nectar collectors are relatively more straightforward to use, and almost it is cheaper than a set of dab rig.

A typical set of nectar collector kit used for dabbing contains these parts:

A Quartz Tip or Titanium Tip. The tip of a nectar collector set serves the purposes like the quartz banger or the titanium nail you'll need on a dab rig. You'll need a butane torch to heat the tip to around 500°F to vaporize the cannabis concentrate of your choice. 

Sometimes, you will be more choice to smoking hemp and get more good taste from novabong, here you can get what you wish for nectar collectors.