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Quartz Bangers & Nails (25)

A quartz banger is a object for a dab nail made from quartz crystal materials. Typically, the vast majority of dab nails are made from titanium, but many people feel that the metallic taste of the nail leeches into the dab concentrate and they find it unpleasant. customer are wish to get a better one.

A quartz nail banger brings out the terpenes in the hemp. The user tastes nothing but the concentrate product’s full-bodied flavor. In a dab rig, the nail is the part responsible for heating the concentrate to the form of a vapor.

When user heated at a low temperature, very little discoloration occurs on the surface of a quartz banger. The quartz surface of the banger is easy to clean away the cannabis residue. Generally, a couple swipes of a cotton swab is all that is needed to make any quartz banger look new again.

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