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Silicone Bongs (11)


in such years,with the legalization of Cannabis in some states and country, most people are looking for the good and cheaper smoking devices. A Silicone Bong is one that they are looking for. Although Silicone Bongs are relatively new on the market, they are increasingly becoming popular among smokers current.

Smokers prefer silicone bongs because unlike glass bongs, they are not easy to break. The most popular ones are the Nova Glass silicone Skull bongs because they have detachable ice catchers.

There are different types of silicone bongs on the market which include 7 inch bongs, 14 inch bongs, Skull Bong and more size. Silicone bongs come in different colors. Companies are coming up with creative designs and it is this innovation that keeps them on the market. www.Nova.Glass offer large to small size and with good price for all customer, you can find newest silicone bong and silicone hand pipes here easy.